BuDhaGirl RED

  • Ambrosia Crystal Necklace
    BuDhaGirl’s Ambrosia (amber) crystal necklace represents the liquid nectar described in both Greek and Hindu texts, describing Ambrosia as the nectar of the gods. Our Smoke (smokey) crystal necklace represents the remains of a fire that has now ceased to burn but lingers ephemerally in the air..
  • Elle Wristlette
    Simple and simply delightful. Our BuDhaGirl Elle wristlette is made up of  3 bands of either Hematite Grey or Jet Black elastic cup chain, then finished with a tiny hand made cotton tassel. We love the number 3 as it symbolizes the principles of growth. The 'thought' of 1 and the 'f..
  • Evil Eye Bindi Wristlette
    BuDhaGirl has combined two powerful thoughts behind this tiny Evil Eye Bindi Wristlette. Firstly, the Evil Eye is a symbol of protection. We consciously and unconsciously transmit positive and negative energy towards others, even if we don’t mean to, we just do. Secondly is the Bindi that allo..
  • Hamsa Wristlette
    The Hamsa is an ancient talisman that predates Christianity and Islam. It has also been called “the hand of Fatima” (after Mohammed’s daughter) and the “the hand of Mary” (after Jesus’s mother). This palm-shaped amulet is almost universally recognized as a symbol ..
  • Lava Cross Necklace
    Truly here size does not matter. BuDhaGirl’s exquisite miniature black resin cross is so beautifully modern. This classic Latin cross is a diminutive representation of love, forgiveness, strength and faith. Hanging from a black matte pixie-like chain, our Lava Cross necklace is finished with a..
  • Lava Heart Necklace
    Truly here size does not matter. BuDhaGirl’s exquisite miniature black resin heart is beautifully modern. This diminutive heart is a representation of love, whilst the color black represents imperturbability and unwavering quality of true love. Hanging from a black matte pixie-like chain, our ..
  • Molly Suede Lariat
    Named after the Unsinkable Molly Brown, a unique woman with gumption and the belief that no one can hold you back. BuDhaGirl’s Molly lariat is a tribute to those who like simple versatility, wear it as a choker, or wrap it around your wrist for a great cuff look, or even simply tied long&helli..
  • Sprite Wristlette
    BuDhaGirl’s Sprite wristlettes are pixiesque bands that stretch, have a little crown (to remind you that, yes you are the ruler of your life), and six little beads to help you set your intentions in the morning. Available in either black or BuDhaGirl pink. Sprites are perfect for any kind of a..
  • Stella Tassel Necklace
    Our Stella tassel captures a star’s many colored hues in shades of Autumn. A beautiful multi-colored silk tassel is suspended on a delicate chain of black and gold links. Finished with our tiny BuDhaGirl CHOP logo coin this necklace is an elegant statement of classic style. BuDhaGirl loves tas..
  • Whirl Choker
    Jessica’s RED favorite…she wears them everyday now, singly and even two at a time for extra sparkle. Our Whirl choker is an incredibly soft orb of crystals in Gold, Silver, Hematite, and yes, Rose Gold. Finished with a red silk string tied seven times to remind us of the importance of f..
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