• ChaCha Ombré Bangles-Pinks
    BuDhaGirl Ombré Bangles are colorful orbs of style. Add them to each and every one of your bangle stacks; they instantly turn your wrist into a chic rainbow of color. Choose blue for healing and metabolic control, orange for warmth and attraction, and pink for friendship and joy. I simply lov..
  • Chakra Bangles
    Thread-wrapped multi colored bangles are combined to make our set of BuDhaGirl Chakra Bangles. As always, they are light weight, soundless, and they add a burst of color to your wrist. All this while reminding you to be aware of your body's energy centers. Enjoy focusing on the area of your body..
  • Crystal Wrap Bracelet
    BuDhaGirl's Crystal Wrap Bracelet is simple sophisitication. A coil of brass and over 400 crystals wraps aound your wrist to give you instant glamour. Handcrafted in Rajasthani, India, it is a wonderful addition to any bracelet stack. It fits any wrist and resiliently snaps back into shape after..
  • Elle Wristlette
    Simple and simply delightful. Our BuDhaGirl Elle wristlette is made up of  3 bands of either Hematite Grey or Jet Black elastic cup chain, then finished with a tiny hand made cotton tassel. We love the number 3 as it symbolizes the principles of growth. The 'thought' of 1 and the 'f..
  • Evil Eye Bindi Wristlette
    BuDhaGirl has combined two powerful thoughts behind this tiny Evil Eye Bindi Wristlette. Firstly, the Evil Eye is a symbol of protection. We consciously and unconsciously transmit positive and negative energy towards others, even if we don’t mean to, we just do. Secondly is the Bindi that allo..
  • Evil Eye Wristlettes
    BuDhaGirl loves evil eyes as chic little symbols of protection. BuDhaGirl has created bracelets, earrings, and necklaces featuring this iconic symbol. We have also decided to call the evil eye collection, the EE collection… we don’t like the word evil. Consciously and unconsciously w..
  • Hamsa Wristlette
    The Hamsa is an ancient talisman that predates Christianity and Islam. It has also been called “the hand of Fatima” (after Mohammed’s daughter) and the “the hand of Mary” (after Jesus’s mother). This palm-shaped amulet is almost universally recognized as a symbol ..
  • Lion Cuff
    We couldn't resist bringing BuDhaGirls a classic "Cartiesque" cuff. Our Lion cuff is a stunning piece that was inspired by 1940's dinner cuffs (think of yourself at El Morocco)...just that and a black dress, of course, great lipstick too is all you need for utmost glamour. Not for ..
  • Message Bracelets
    BuDhaGirl has a little message for you to wear on your wrist. We have chosen powerful words that lead you to set intentions and turn them into action each day. The silver bracelet reads: GRATITUDE (so important for us to have joy in what we are given). The gold reads: I CAN & I WILL (the affirma..
  • Mitzi Wristlette
    Simple and simply delightful. Our BuDhaGirl Mitzi wristlette is made up of  10 bands of Jet Black elastic cup chain, then finished with a tiny hand made cotton tassel.  Wear your Mitzi wristlette alone, or combined with All Weather Bangles in gold, silver or black. Hand finished in the ..
  • Oaxacan Bead Bracelet
    BuDhaGirl loves, loves, loves Oaxacan clay beads made exclusively for us by Colectivo 1050 , where they turn mud into beauty. Each bead is crafted individually and fired in an oven at extreme temperatures to obtain the wonderful, deep burnished clay typical of Oaxaca. We have paired these marve..
  • Orbit Bangles - Black
    Thread-wrapped silky Orbit Bangles are a simple way to instantly style your wrist. Use these seven feather-light bangles to add drama to any outfit; they are soundless, light weight and TSA proof. What could be better? Well...combining them with a set of BuDhaGirl All Weather Bangles!  ..
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