Verve Chakra Wrist Bands

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Verve Chakra Wrist Bands

The Verve Chakra Wrist Band is the ultimate workout and activewear accessory from BuDhaGirl. Verves are soft, stretchable, silicone wristlets that feature a tiny brass Buddha head bead and two Swarovski rondelles. They are super easy to slip on and off, and they allow you to focus on your intention during a sports activity. It is well documented that when athletes visualize their training results, they maximize the benefits of their activities. If it works for professional athletes it works for BuDhaGirls...

Available in four colors: Black, Green, Pink & Blue. Handmade in the US by really nice people.

One size fits most. 8" adjustable wristlet.


Mindful Glamour Ritual: Pause. Take a moment to clear your mind before your activity. Visualize the outcome you want, hold the outcome in your mind for a few seconds. Go, Be it.

Thought: The power of thought over our bodies is now validated by science at every turn. From medicine to sports we have great control over what we do.


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