Albertina Pink Lotus Wristlet

BuDhaGirl has created delightful wristlets to help you set your daily intention. Tiny pink hands sculpted in a position of prayer are reminders of being mindful and grateful for the gifts we enjoy daily. Lotuses are beautiful flowers that have a humble beginning. They grow in muddy ponds, and later bloom into spectacular blooms that float on the water's surface. The pink lotus represents happiness and friendship. Our Albertina Pink Lotus wristlet looks fabulous paired with gold or silver All Weather Bangles.

• Handcrafted in the US

• One size fits all / 8" adjustable wristlette

• Easy on and off

Mindful Glamour Ritual: Pause. Be aware of your friends; then reflect on what kind of friend you are. Go. Be it.

Thought: Companionship and friendship outlast passion any day.


Albertina Pink Lotus Wristlet

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