Cha Cha Bead Bangles - Black

Once again BuDhaGirl takes your favorites and gives them a bit of a twist. The wonderful, weightless, soundless, TSA proof Cha Cha bangles now are flecked with tiny gold beads. This touch of gold adds richness and texture to the indispensable bangles, mix them with gold All Weather Bangles or even stack two sets for a great statement look.

Cha Cha Bead bangles are available in a set of seven bangles. Seven is the number of completeness and perfection, both physically and spiritually. It is also Jessica’s favorite number. Cha Cha Bead bangles are handcrafted in India.

Number 7 resonates with the vibrations and energies of the ‘Collective Consciousness’, faith and spirituality, spiritual awakening and awareness, spiritual enlightenment, spiritual development, mysticism, intuition and inner-knowing, inner-wisdom, psychic abilities, the esoteric, inner-selves, deep contemplation, introspection, eccentric, religion, thoughtfulness, understanding of others, natural healer and healing, secrets, myth, ritual, peace, poise, emotions and feelings, inner-strength, endurance and perseverance, persistence of purpose, the ability to bear hardships, quick-wit, the loner, solitary,  isolation, long-sighted, the non-conformist, independence and individualism, intentions, manifesting and manifestation in time and space and good fortune.     

Mindful Glamour Ritual:  Pause. Breathe. Take each Cha Cha Bead bangle and give each bangle a point of focus for the day. Set your intentions. Then… Go. Be it.

Thought: “A man's mind is wont to tell him more than seven watchmen sitting in a tower." Rudyard Kipling


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Cha Cha Bead Bangles - Black

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