BDG Pandora Belt

BDG Pandora belts will be the  “I can’t believe I never had one before” accessory. Originally designed for workout and sporting activities, it has morphed into hands-free convenience when running errands, and superb for traveling.

BDG Pandora belts are Lycra hip belts that zip at the side for easy on and off. They have two middle zippered pockets at the front and back so you can load the pockets with: keys, phone, iPod, earphones, lip balm, $$$, credit cards, id, tickets, passport, really anything that you want on you without having to carry. You can even put a water bottle in the back pocket. Also great for concerts and sporting events when you want your hands free to groove or cheer for the home team.

Available in white with our all-over CHOP logo or solid black, both highlighted in pink. BDG Pandora belts are wrinkle-free, washable and made in the USA.

Mindful Glamour Ritual: Pause…Breathe. We are able to multi-task, however the less distractions we allow in each individual task, the more fulfilling these tasks will become. Then…Go. Be it.

Thought: Because our brain is able to automate fairly easily many times it hampers our ability to fully enjoy what we are doing. In other words we become mindless.



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BDG Pandora Belt

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