Hamsa Wristlette

The Hamsa is an ancient talisman that predates Christianity and Islam. It has also been called “the hand of Fatima” (after Mohammed’s daughter) and the “the hand of Mary” (after Jesus’s mother). This palm-shaped amulet is almost universally recognized as a symbol of blessings, power and strength, and in particular as a defense against the evil eye. It is also a powerful talisman for travelers.

Available in gold with red ties, silver with black ties, and rose gold with pale lilac ties. Perfect alone or combined with All Weather Bangles.

The Evil Eye Bindi Wristlette is part of BuDhaGirl RED. Hand finished in the US by really nice people with very small hands.

One size fits most. 6" adjustable wristlette.

Early use of the hamsa has been traced to ancient Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq) as well as ancient Carthage. A universal sign of protection, the image of the open right hand is seen in Mesopotamian artifacts in the amulets of the goddess Ishtar. Other symbols of divine protection based around the hand include the Hand-of-Venus (or Aphrodite), the Hand-of-Mary, that was used to protect women from the evil eye, boost fertility and lactation, promote healthy pregnancies and strengthen the weak, and in the Buddha's gesture (mudrā) of teaching and protection. 

Mindful Glamour Ritual: Pause. Breathe. Take a moment to bless all those who will cross your day today. May the come and go in peace. Then…Go. Be it.

Thought: “We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.” Dalai Lama



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Hamsa Wristlette

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